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Why move to Silver City, NM?

May 24, 2011

When showing buyers around, they inevitably ask me how I got here. It’s a lot like other folks story. We were looking for good weather, inexpensive living, less stress. In 1996 we decided to check out the southwest. The first year we drove all around Arizona. Found a little town named Prescott that we liked. Then, the next year, we drove around New Mexico. Silver City was not planned on this trip. But we had a few extra days and decided to drive through the mountains and check it out. It had a lot of what we were looking for. University (for diversity), small town feel, historic downtown (for quaintness), clean, cheap living, nice people, green landscape (coming from NJ I needed green!), fresh air, places to hike and camp. We were smitten!

The 3rd year we decided to go back to both places. Drove in to Silver first and my husband looks at me and says,” You better call the Realtor in Prescott and tell him we’re not coming”. I agreed. This was home. We looked at houses but ultimately decided to build in the foothills of the mountains. We have views that go on for 200 miles, trees all around and fresh air and blue sky!!

That’s how Silver City is. It catches you, draws you in. For me, it’s the scenery and the people. Both are lovely. And Silver offers so much. Art, education, outdoor activities, book clubs, cheese club, food, drink. The types of people are diverse: ranchers, retirees, artists, gays, hippies – –  all who seem to mingle and meld nicely.

In this blog, I’ll be referring you to some cool websites. Here’s my first recommendation:    This will tell you all the cool events they bring in to keep us all culturally in tuned.

Today’s Saying: “You can’t do much about the length of your life, but you can do a lot about its depth and width”.

Have a great day!

Linda Ferrara
Coldwell Banker Enchantment Realty
501 Silver Heights Blvd.
Silver City, NM 88061

Toll Free: 1-800-456-3132

Work: 1-575-538-2931
Cell: 1-575-519-9249


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